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In the Meadows report published in 1972, modelers pose, in the context of current capitalist development, the challenges of scarcity of non-renewable natural resources. At the same time, population growth in developing countries keeps intensifying.

As a result, environmental awareness emerges. In order to protect biodiversity, and even guarantee the survival of our species, we need not only a drastic fall in material and energy consumption, but also a better distribution of resources.

Today, studies show that the planet is sounding the alarm. Indeed, in the WWF report, it learns of the disappearance of 60% of animals in the last 40 years. In addition, the latest report of AFP (Biodiversity IPCC) for the United Nations, reports that one million species could be threatened with extinction in the coming decades.

It is therefore necessary to reconsider, among others, our lifestyles that consume too much with respect to the planet and its limited resources.

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In an attempt to stop the destruction of the world's largest rainforest, AKUU works with several communities on the edge of the Amazon.

Firstly, AKUU members carry out prospecting and measuring the effects. This makes it possible to evaluate where it would be possible to take action.

If the result is positive, the community joins the Peruvian AKUU association and several common projects see the light.


Since 2 years, about thirty volunteers intervened in the community of Puerto Miguel, located at the entrance of the second largest nature reserve in Amazonia. The first ones built a community house with the local inhabitants. This house is, above all, a space for sharing, where the inhabitants and volunteers can meet and reflect together on new projects. In addition, this house can accommodate local or international volunteers.

Since this exchange was created, several projects have emerged such as: English courses in the community house, training of guides for ecotourism, the installation of renewable energies as a wave generator, the creation of rainwater reservoirs... AKUU also has 20 hectares of primary forest, then hosts several projects for the conservation of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge.

The association also operates in other towns around Puerto Miguel. There are about 50 members and about 30 will go there soon. Between March 2019 and July 2020 three groups will succeed each other to develop their own project : waste management, water management, autonomous house... Each of the projects will try to respond to a request from the villages.

One of the main objectives is that the projects last in the long term. That is why the groups worked hand in hand to build coherent projects. This exchange is essential to ensure sustainability.


Do you want to know more about the Museum construction project?

Download the project presentation document!

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