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Thanks to an exchange between the offices of the village of Puerto Miguel and the volunteers of the Solid'AKUU team, two problems emerged:

  • Access to drinking water. Indeed, with more and more dry periods, rainwater collectors are emptying and residents are forced to drink water from the Rio Yarapa, which is unhealthy and located 30 minutes from the village. This water causes diseases, especially in children.

  • Access for all to an energy source that is consistent with the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Currently, the only energy source in the village is a 50kW generator to which only those who can contribute to its operation are connected. This source of energy is too important in relation to the needs of the village and creates inequalities.


Based on this observation, a team of 13 students from the Solidarire association wanted to work on prototypes of low techs to filter water and provide a clean energy source. The models will then be built in the village in collaboration with the local people, so that each family can be able to maintain the prototypes.

filtre solid'akuu.png

Due to the disruption of the rains, it is necessary to find a way to filter the water of the river.

The project is to create a ceramic filter that effectively reduces impurities in the water. The principle of this low tech is simple: a ceramic pot, sawdust, silver and a canister.

The simplicity of the equipment makes it possible to manufacture everything on site and ensure the sustainability of the project: residents will easily be able to obtain the materials to assemble new filters if the system proves to be effective.

gravity light solid'akuu.png

As the inhabitants mainly need a light source in the evening, it was decided by the AKUU association to turn to gravity light installation.


This system marketed by Deciwatt allows, thanks to a weight and dynamo system, to illuminate for about 20 minutes by storing the energy of gravity.

This light source works under all conditions and does not require the installation of batteries, which have a limited lifespan and are difficult to recycle.

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