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AKUU is an association created under the 1901 law on 23 November 2016 to limit greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. It aims to raise collective awareness of global climate issues. To do so, it has set itself the mission of promoting sustainable management of the Amazon forest's resources. Based on these joint initiatives, the association then carries out various awareness campaigns.
First, it carries out impact measurements in order to determine the best villages in which it would be possible to undertake solidarity action, respecting local cultures and traditions.
Community houses will then be built or developed in the targeted villages. They will be dedicated to welcoming volunteers, whether local or international, and will have a workshop and a common living room.

Different educational projects will then emerge from this common living space, they will be the result of an exchange and reflection with local populations.
These educational projects will make it possible to respond to the issues highlighted by the parties involved, they will be in line with the association's objectives and will be subject to an impact assessment. The workshop will provide the necessary tools to carry out these educational projects.
The objective of the association is, finally, to
generate ideas through the cultural diversity present in community centres. Upon their return, each foreign volunteer will have to carry out an awareness campaign based on their experience and on the sharing that will have taken place with the locals and other volunteers and which will eventually be able to change attitudes and act on the main factors of climate change.
From the perspective of volunteers, the benefits of this experience are many. First of all, it is a good way to become fully aware of the climate emergency. Secondly, it is a unique opportunity to be able to put into practice one's skills, however varied they may be, and to share knowledge with a view to achieving solidarity and sustainability. Finally, it is an enriching intercultural exchange experience, an opportunity to travel intelligently.

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