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Feedback is considered both as an essential component of any continuous improvement process of our project, but also as a most effective means of raising awareness. Each volunteer, upon returning from his mission, will have to submit his feedback to the impact evaluation unit.
This will include an experimental measurement, his personal assessment and the details of his future awareness project.


In order to determine the impact of such a trip on individual knowledge, AKUU carries out an experimental measurement through a series of questionnaires before and after an international mission. The association aims to highlight behavioural changes, intangible and difficult to grasp, that would justify the importance of this experience in view of the carbon footprint it imposes.

We are now convinced that it is possible to contribute to the protection of the Amazon by acting locally, but that it is just as important to conduct awareness campaigns in the countries of origin of volunteers. This is why we make a point of honour of this feedback and the awareness campaign because its objective will be to arouse the interest of a person, a group or a population, around the issues mentioned above.

The aim will be to make lasting changes in attitudes in everyone's behaviour in order to best meet our objectives. The choice of support will be at the initiative of the volunteer (exhibition, theater, training, etc.). While knowing that, in our opinion, the best way to raise public awareness is to make them actors, producers of knowledge, not passive receivers of information.

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