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The setting up of community houses will allow us to carry out our actions in the villages, on the environmental, ecological and energy levels but also on the sharing of knowledge and know-how. Several projects will thus be launched after being validated by the impact assessment unit.

English courses

First of all, an eco-guide training course open to all will be offered. The training will take place over a period of three years in order to provide a complete apprenticeship, offering real opportunities and leading to a certificate recognized by the Peruvian State. To this end, various professors who are members of the association carry out the educational programme that will allow the learning of English through ecology and biology.

Each volunteer will provide the training on site for a minimum of six months in order to avoid too frequent turnover, and thus allow the students to have a real follow-up. During their training, the apprentices will assist the AKUU eco-guides already trained during excursions into the forest. Accompanied by tourists, they will be able to put into practice what they have studied and express themselves in English about the degradation of a common good: the Amazon.

AKUU wishes that some graduates, once trained, participate in the training of new guides, the long-term objective being that the structure be self-managed and that our interventions be reduced. Although this training is intended to train eco-citizens and eco-guides, it will allow young people to learn English, which is a passport to study. Indeed, the inhabitants and children of the villages have very few opportunities and this will open up new perspectives for them.

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