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Because of their remoteness and the geographical situation of the region, the villages of Amazonia can not benefit from the electricity networks of the largest cities. To have access to this basic service, many have opted for a production system that is the generator.


The Hydr'Ama project was born from the idea of replacing these existing polluting generators with a more sober and ecological technology.


In order to meet this complex technical challenge, the AKUU association cooperated with the NGO WindAid Institute.


Given the geographical situation, a marine turbine is considered the most appropriate means of electricity production.


Another concern behind this project is to make the project accessible to everyone, through an open-source technical documentation, as well as to train local people in the use and maintenance of the device.


The tidal turbine is installed in a nearby village of Puerto Miguel, Vista Allegre. It is functional but wait to be put in the water.

As the Amazon is subject to significant river traffic, the authorization to launch was only obtained very recently by the association.


This first prototype will be in service by the end of summer 2019.


You want to know more ?

Download the project presentation document!


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