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In addition to its action in Peru, the association also carries out awareness-raising work in the country of its volunteers, such as the AKUUVision project.


In this interactive exhibition, which takes the form of a treasure hunt, the viewer discovers many images of the Amazon. Thanks to an augmented reality application, he has access to new video and sound content, and is thus immersed in the heart of the Amazon forest. This immersion in the beauty of the fauna and flora reflects the fragility of this ecosystem, and is therefore intended to alert the user.


This exhibition has been designed to be easily installed and adapted to different spaces. Thus, after a first appearance on the Saint Martin d'Hères campus for the festival of culture (from 27 March to 18 April 2019), the exhibition will be renewed in September 2019 during the CLIMAX festival in Bordeaux and also in the city centre of Grenoble as part of the cultural programme: "A season for the planet". 


You want to know more ?

Download the project presentation document!

AKUUVision the video!


Immerse yourself in the heart of the second largest natural reserve of Amazonia and experience an extraordinary adventure.





05/09 - 08/09 2019

Exhibition at the CLIMAX 2019 festival in Bordeaux.



03/28 - 04/15, 2019

Exhibition held as part of the Inter-University Dream Festival in Grenoble.

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