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Waste management is one of the main problems that threaten the environment in Amazonian villages. These are not collected and even less sorted for recycling.


Today, waste is simply left in open dumps or burned. Not only do these landfills represent considerable visual pollution, but also air pollution because of the toxic microparticles released once the waste is burned.

As Amazonian villages do not have a waste sorting plant, it is necessary to find a way to reduce and recover this waste.

Akuu'be image.png
Precious plastic

To recycle plastic waste in the village of Puerto Miguel, a team of six volunteers went on an on-site mission after a year of research. By making recycled plastic a raw material for crafts in the village, the project aims to perpetuate its action. 

That's why the Precious Plastic startup project was chosen: a set of low-tech machines to manufacture objects from plastic waste. For the moment, plans for four machines are available.

Two machines have been built: one for shredding plastic waste into fine chips, and a second for moulding them into various objects.

These machines aim to create new activities, through the diversification of craft products intended for tourism and the manufacture of everyday objects.

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